What a blessing of a surprise!

When I checked FB tonight, I noticed someone appreciated my writing...

Thanks for letting me share...

James Taylor shared your post.

And thank you to all the fans who come out to watch James and the band, and remind us that magic happens when people gather together to experience live music.

Ellen Nordstrom‎ to James Taylor:

Last year James made us weep with gratitude and pride as we heard his debut of Angels of Fenway on the home turf site, a surreal experience. James took us to a place far more important than historical, but to a place of emotional relevance and haunting memories supported by his beautiful Angels of Fenway video and the backdrop of a starry and heavenly Beantown early August Eve.

At this year's Fenway show, an unexpected choice overwhelmed us all in the audience bringing that same sense of pride and joy as well as grateful tears; this time for a larger team. James sang America the Beautiful and melted us and lifted our hearts and spirits! Thank you, JT! Thank you for softening the hardness of the times and for bringing renewed spirit, solace, and hope through music, but most importantly, for reminding us of "how sweet it is" to be in this Universe of humanity, American or otherwise.


Ellen Nordstrom
Lyric Mezzo & Vocal Coach