In Any Venue; Cosy or Otherwise...

May 6, 2016, CedarHouse Sound & Mastering, North Sutton, NH.

One of the best aspects of attending any Cosy Sheridan concert, is that you will never find a shred of anything that is even remotely inauthentic. She's the real deal of a folk phenom who not only "tells it like it is," but who also educates as she entertains. In fact, Ms. Sheridan has a seemingly Seinfeld take on topics, only she puts her thoughts to musical verse.

Tonight is one of many concerts that Sheridan is taking on the road as a continuation and sharing of her most recent CD release: "Sometimes I Feel Too Much." While Cosy had a little extra grit in both her speaking as well as singing voice this evening, (most likely the vestiges of cross-country travel) her upper registers were like a shiny penny glistening through the weighty themes of some of her ballads. Phrases to describe Ms. Sheridan's overall performance could be: a hot ticket, a gingersnap of a singer, salt and peppery, Cockburn-like cadences, and defiant insistence. Sheridan and her music dare us to ponder - to contemplate life's events whether past, present, or future; from a history book or from our respective histories of love, living, and death.

Tunes of special note and appeal:

  • Eurydice Goodnight - A special ballad that brings out the Orfeo in all of us.

  • Linda's Song (We Sang Over The Rainbow) - A bittersweet melody conjuring the purest love for a failing friend and a new take on "Over The Rainbow."

  • I'm Your Landlord - A swinging tale of a landlord's woes with a Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks kind of vibe; a true toe tapper!

  • Sometimes I Feel Too Much - A poignant reflection

Ms. Sheridan's concert was a collective collaboration, coupled with supportive musicians and loving friends both on and off stage. Kent Allyn, a proficient of many instruments and genres, clearly and cleverly complemented Sheridan's tonal tours mostly on the keyboard, but added his smooth tenor vocals and adept assistance via the bass and guitar on occasion. Charlie Koch, paved the bass lines of many a song and added a sweet vocal timbre in complementary harmony to and along with other guest and seasoned vocalist pals, Chris and John Boehmer.

All in All: Cosy Sheridan has BIG ideas with BIG feeling, in any venue: "Cosy" or otherwise. - GO SEE HER!

On CedarHouse Sound & Mastering: A beautifully welcoming recording studio and concert venue nestled in a delightful nook of NH and run by the gracious proprietors, master music mixer and guitarist extraordinaire, Gerald Putnam, with his equally talented and masterful musician of a mezzo soprano, vocal coach, wife and studio partner, Fran Steven Putnam. One couldn't ask for a better experience of music and merriment with delicious delectables during intermission mingling.

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Ellen Nordstrom
Lyric Mezzo & Vocal Coach